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Joe Stone - Production Designer

Joe is so old when he was little he had a dinosaur as a pet. Now he has a cat. He can do anything. This is his site, and his company. Give him a call today for any service you have seen here.


Weight: 207lbs / Hight 5ft8in / Mustache (a nice one)
Phone - 386-451-0305

e-mail -

Andy Sipe - Art Director / Set Designer / Mad Scientist

Andy is a hard working think outside of the box kind of guy. If you need something fast, he will get it. Very resourceful, and well adapt to thinking on his feet. Ex-Army Sgt. and a no nonsense attitude makes him the perfect Art Director.


Weight: 230lbs / Hight 5ft11in / scruffy
Phone: 386-473-6144

e-mail :

Kathy & Sonny - Scenic Painters

They really can paint anything you ask them to, and then some. You will love their work. Always very fun, and beautiful.


Weight: 2 people / Hight: 11ft1in / Classical Hippy
Contact Joe for more information.

Everyone else on the team at one time or another:

You know who you are, and what you do. We will update this more soon to add you to the list!

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